The Top Bet

The Top Bet

Dirs: Jeff Lau, Corey Yuen
Scr: Jeff Lau
Prod Co: Golden Harvest, Bo Ho
Co-starring: Dodo Cheng, Ng Man-tat, Paul Chun
1991 | Colour | D Beta | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 91min

Following the record-breaking success of All for the Winner (1990), Jeff Lau and Corey Yuen quickly reunited for a sequel. Instead of bringing back Stephen Chow, Lau and Yuen decided to show that women can be master gamblers too. After Chow's Sing used his special powers to prevail on the gambling table, his sister, Mei (Anita Mui), is sent by the Special Powers Clan to Hong Kong to retrieve Sing. However, Mei ends up using her power to help a swindler (Dodo Cheng) become the Queen of Gambling. Matched perfectly with Cheng's expert comic timing, Mui's comedic power is in top form with Lau's brilliantly absurd humour on full display.

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