Dir: Stanley Kwan
Orig Story: Lillian Lee's novel of the same title
Scrs: Lillian Lee, Chiu Kang-chien
Prod Co: Golden Harvest, Golden Way
Co-starring: Alex Man, Emily Chu, Kara Wai, Patrick Tse Yin
1988 | Colour | DCP | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 97mi

To see a full display of Cheung and Mui's screen charisma and sophisticated acting, look no further than this early scene in Rouge. After crossing paths with two courtesans, Cheung—as wealthy playboy Pang—turns around with a flirtatious stare. It's a look that's enough to send the audience swooning even before the story begins. However, Mui—as courtesan Fleur—one-ups Cheung immediately afterwards with a silent seduction that sets up the lifelong friends' most beloved screen pairing. To be shown with a 3-minute music montage specially edited from a rarely seen international cut.

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27/3/2018 (Tue) 7:30pm Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre