The Iron-fisted Monk

The Iron-fisted Monk

Dir: Sammo Hung
Scr: Huang Feng, Sammo Hung
Cast: Chan Sing, Sammo Hung, James Tien, Huang Feng, Lo Hoi-pang
1977 / Colour / 35mm / Cantonese / Chi & Eng Subtitles / 93min

Sammo Hung's directorial debut not only ushered in the era of kung fu comedies but also marked arguably the beginning of his tenure as Big Brother of Hong Kong cinema in a Golden Age that reached its peak in the 1980s. Hung would reach greater directorial heights with later films, but The Iron-fisted Monk still impresses with its superbly staged fight scenes and, even more importantly, its intimate and sometimes humorous portrayal of Cantonese folk life. Hung would continue essaying the Cantonese character and Chinese folklore to address modern concerns, like in his wonderful ghost films and city comedies, creating a cinematic domain uniquely Hong Kong.

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21/11/2009 (Sat) 2:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
29/11/2009 (Sun) 7:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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