Remembrance of the Avant-garde: Archival Camera Collection Exhibition

Date: 11/7 - 2/11/2014
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Film Archive

HKFA has acquired over 200 pieces of film camera equipment since its establishment more than a decade ago. The collection varied in eras, production countries, and formats; from smaller sizes of 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film cameras, to bulky 35mm film cameras. The exhibition offers a nostalgic glimpse of film technology in the olden days to young audiences of the mobile era. During exhibition period, HKFA will be co-organizing a series of seminars with the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers, inviting numerous experimental film artists of the 70s, and award-winning cinematographers to share with our audience their valuable experiences in film and cinematography.



Online Exhibition
With a view to preserving Hong Kong's film heritage, part of this exhibition including precious photos, oral history, interviews and short film clips have been digitised and uploaded to the free online multi-media platform Hong Kong Memory where everyone can enjoy, at anytime and anywhere, photos of archival film cameras.