The Civil-Military Buffoon of a Thousand Faces ── The Artistic Career of Ma Si-tsang

Date:3/7/2020 - 30/10/2020
Venue:1/F Foyer, Hong Kong Film Archive

Free Admission

Ma Si-tsang (1900-1964) was a key figure in Cantonese opera and cinema during the 1930s. From 1933 to 1941, his rivalry with Sit Kok-sin (1904-1956) was dubbed ‘Sit-Ma Duel', at once publicised and cherished in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Its battle front extending from stage to film, the competition resulted in great artistic manifestations. Due to his headstrong and forthright character, Ma Si-tsang's life was full of ups and downs, which however inspired his creativity and his deft portrayal on stage and in film.