Celebrating Inheritance and Integration — 10th Anniversary of Inscription of Cantonese Opera onto Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Exhibition

Date:6/9 – 1/12/2019  (Closed on Tuesday)
Venue:Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong film Archive and 1/F Foyer
Free Admission

Cantonese opera film is a unique genre in Hong Kong cinema. It is the confluence of two art media, in which film interacts with Cantonese opera to produce artistic expressions not found in other film genres.

At the 10th anniversary of Inscription of Cantonese opera onto Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, we are presenting this exhibition to celebrate this special art form and to further the study into the genre.

The exhibition begins with Chang'an Street, the ‘Lantern Appreciation' location of the ‘Picking up a Jade Hairpin in a Lantern-lit Street' scene in the classic The Legend of Purple Hairpin. Using projection mapping and moving images, graceful lyrics by the renowned librettist Tong Tik-sang will be projected onto the lanterns, inviting visitors to experience the sights and sounds of the street.

At the Gongjia (feats) Zone, we have chosen twelve film clips to showcase the glorious skills and remarkable talents of Cantonese opera's former stars recorded in our films. At the Directors' Zone, we focus our attention on six directors, attempting to arrive at a deeper appreciation of the beauty of Cantonese opera films through the unique filmic styles of directors.

Gongjia (feats) Zone

Directors' Zone ── Analysis of Directorial Styles and Artistry

Oral History ── Opera Veterans on Cantonese Opera Film

Exhibition Seminars

Conducted in Cantonese. Limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. Audiences are welcome to queue up at 1/F Foyer 45minutes before the seminars begin.

From 15 September 2019 onwards, free public guided tours conducted in Cantonese will be offered every Sunday at 2pm and 4:30pm. Each tour will last for 45 minutes and can accommodate 30 persons. Visitors may queue up at the waiting area in the Foyer for admission on a first-come, first-served basis.