Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly

Dir: Lo Wei
Scr: Chang Cheh
Prod Co: Guanzhou, Swank
Cast: Lau Leung-wah, Lo Wei, Chin Shih, Tsung Yu
1960 | B&W | DCP (Digitised from 16mm) | Mandarin | 89min

Lau Leung-wah plays the titled character, a Chinese Robin Hood who robs the rich to help the poor. She is an early Republican Era Mulan, who switches effortlessly between charming gentility and agile ferocity, and Lau personifies her character's duality with a balance of grace and vigour. Chang Cheh, on the verge of fostering seismic changes in cinema with his martial-arts machismo, pens a script that captures the spirit of changing Chinese womanhood, underscored by a conflict between Black Butterfly and her father, a veteran detective.

The image and sound quality of the original 16mm sole print is short of ideal, we appreciate your understanding.

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6/12/2020 (Sun)  #(5pm) Rescheduled to 6/6/2021 (Sun) (5pm) Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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