Archive Collection

Through our acquisition and conservation efforts, moving images on Hong Kong's past shall live on forever, and continue to bear witness to our history.



Early Documentaries and Features

Edison travelogue on Hong Kong (1898)
(directed by Qiu Qixiang, 1933)
The White Gold Dragon, Part Two
(directed by Sit Kok-sin and Gao Lihen, 1937)
The Light of Women
(directed by Gao Lihen, 1937)
Orphan Island Paradise
(directed by Cai Chusheng, 1939)
Roar of the People
(directed by Tang Xiaodan, 1941)
Follow your dream
(directed by Lo Duen, 1941)



Social Realism

The Dividing Wall
(directed by Zhu Shilin, 1952)
Festival Moon
(directed by Zhu Shilin, 1953)
Teddy Girls
(directed by Patrick Lung Kong, 1969)


Kung Fu and Martial Arts Films

The Blood Brothers
(directed by Chang Cheh, 1973)
The Valiant Ones
(directed by King Hu, 1975)



Cantonese Opera Films

The Purple Hairpin
(directed by Lee Tit, 1959)
Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom
(directed by Lee Tit, 1959)


Gangster Films

Big brother Cheng
(directed by Kuei Chih-hung, 1975)
A Better Tomorrow
(directed by John Woo, 1986)


The Hong Kong New Wave

The Secret
(directed by Ann Hui, 1979)
Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind
(directed by Tsui Hark, 1980)



Old Master Cute (1981)
My Life as McDull (2001)

Film-Related Materials

The sabre used by actor Jimmy Wang Yu in the film Zatoichi and One-armed Swordsman (1971)
35mm Film Camera
Costume worn by Kwan Tak-hing
Film awards donated by
Chow Yun-fat
This film still from Lifeline (1935)
is one of the earliest in our collection.
The other one from Flower of the Great Earth (1939)
is one of the earliest in our Mandarin film collection.
Poster of Princess Hibiscus (Great Wall, 1957)
The first handbill issued by the
Queen's Theatre in 1925
Script of The Mad Director (Grandview, 1937)
written by Chiang Oi-man with original story by Moon Kwan Man-ching.
Poster of Enter the Dragon
(Concord, 1973)
Brochure of Singing Under the Moon
(Yung Hwa, 1953)
Launch issue of World Magazine (1951)


We collect and preserve Hong Kong films and related materials with the mission to promote film culture and provide a foundation for studying the history of Hong Kong cinema.
With the generous support of film organisations and individuals, the donations of film elements, digital films, and film-related materials such as scripts, costumes, cinema tickets, stills, posters, handbills, film programmes and magazines form a foundation of resources for the promotion and study of Hong Kong film culture.

Collection Scope

We collect a wide range of materials that illuminate the development of local film culture. We also collect materials that facilitate researches on local cinema history, as well as independent films and artefacts illustrative of the development of local film industry. Most of our donations come in mixed categories including pre-print film elements, prints and trailers; audiovisual materials in different formats; documents and graphics that come about in both pre- and post-production such as scripts, film programmes, posters, stills, reviews, and manuscripts; props, costumes and other artefacts. 
All donation proposals will be assessed by the Programme Committee of the Archive. The following assessment criteria for acquisition are adopted.

Relevance to Hong Kong films

Historical value

Availability/ rarity

Research value

Physical condition

Display value

We value immensely the continued support and contribution of all individuals and organisations in our quest for enriching the archival collection and preserving our film heritage. 
We welcome you to join us in preserving the rich film culture of Hong Kong by donating your cherished memorabilia.
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Donors (14.5.2022-23.9.2022)

Owing much to the generous support of film enthusiasts and organisations, the Hong Kong Film Archive has since its inauguration garnered a large number of film prints and artefacts for both internal research and public access. We take this opportunity to extend to all of them our heartfelt thanks.
Federation of Hong Kong Film Workers
Fortune Star Media Limited
Gala Film Distribution Limited
Media Asia Film Production Limited
My Way Film Company Limited
One Cool Film Production Limited
Point of View Movie Production Co. Ltd.
Mr. Chow Po Ki
Ms. Ann Hui
Mr. Law Kar
Mr. Leung Chee
Ms. Li Pui Ling
Ms. Rebecca Pan
Ms. Pun Kit Hing
Mr. Wong Chun

Archival Gems on Loan Scheme

Some of our films are available for loan to non-profit-making organisations for public screening, including titles screened under our flagship programme, ‘100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies' and selected films restored by the Archive to share the fruits of our acquisition and promote the Hong Kong film culture.


  1. Applications for the loan would be limited to non-profit-making organisations. Applicants who co-present or co-organise the function should be of the same nature.
  2. The function should be cultural or educational in nature and should be in furtherance of film culture.
  3. The function should be open to the public.
  4. When more than one applicant request for the same film title, applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. Prints loan will be restricted to films from the Archive's permanent collection which the conditions are suitable for screening and the films that the Archive holds at least two prints or negatives are available.
  6. Applicants are required to clear copyright and produce authorised documents from right holders for process of application. Due to limited print available for loan, applicants are advised to submit loan requests in writing well in advance. Requests submitted no more than one month before the first day of the loan period would not be accepted.
  7. Applicants that have not previously borrowed prints from the Archive are required to submit detailed information on the organisation and the function and fill in an application checklist for Loan of Archival Prints for consideration of their ability to handle archival prints. Letter of reference from the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) archive which fall under the same country of the applicants would be required before their request can be approved to guarantee that they will abide in full to the FIAF standards & rules in handling film prints.
  8. Prints will not be loaned to organisations using a platter projection system, or that build up prints onto larger reels in order to reduce the number of changeovers required. An undertaking will have to be signed for borrowing of archival prints.
  9. Applicants should bear all necessary transportation, customs clearance and tax, and insurance cost of both ways. For loan of prints from overseas film festivals/ archives/ institutions, collect and return of prints/ DCP/ tapes/ DVD should be on a door-to-door basis. Approved loan item(s) will be delivered one week in advance of the first day of the loan period and should be returned within one week after the end of the loan period in good condition. Applicants overseas should furnish a shipper account number for the shipment.
  10. In addition to any film rental required by the rights holder or authorised distributor, successful applicants will also be required to settle the loan charges stated below:
    Charges for loan of prints/ DCP
    Charges for loan of tapes/ DVDs
    Charges for loan of dialogue lists
    HK$3,000 (≌USD$385) per film title*
    HK$1,000 (≌USD$130) per film title*
    HK$1,000 (≌USD$130)* 
    (half rate for organisations which have already paid for the loan of prints/ DCP/ tapes/ DVD)
    HK$1,500 (≌USD$193) per film title
    HK$500 (≌USD$65) per film title
    HK$1,000 (≌USD$130) 
    (half rate for organisations which have already paid for the loan of prints/ DCP/ tapes/ DVD)

    * Waived for FIAF member

  11. All loan fees must be paid in Hong Kong dollars in the form of cheques or bank drafts payable to ‘The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region' or ‘The Government of the HKSAR'. Direct bank transfers are not accepted. The loan fees must be settled at least 6 working days before the first day of the loan. In order to avoid delay in international postal service, applicants are recommended to deliver the draft directly to the Archive office (Address: 4/F, 50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong) through professional carriers.
  12. Successful applicants are responsible for the safety and security of the loan prints from the time they are delivered to the time they are returned to the Archive or transshipped to another destination. In case of accidental damage to a print, the successful applicants would be charged with a direct replacement cost of the copy together with 20% surcharge by the Archive. The Archive reserves the right to suspend or terminate the loan requests from any organisation for any reason including but not limited to undue print damage, unauthorised use or duplication of borrowed prints.
  13. Acknowledgement to the ‘Hong Kong Film Archive, Leisure and Cultural Services Department' is required in all publicity materials. One copy of each corresponding publicity material should be delivered to the Archive for record-keeping.

Enquiry: (852) 2739 2139

Fax: (852) 2311 5229