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The documentation of film history is an uphill battle and a race against time, especially with the passing of old film veterans and the loss of primary materials. Since its founding, the Archive has amassed pivotal information and knowledge on Hong Kong films in chronological order, which serve as a specialised resource for the publication of Hong Kong Filmography Series and other thematic titles. Eight volumes of Hong Kong Filmography, focusing on films produced from 1914 up to 1979, are already completed. For our Oral History project, we conduct extensive interviews with a talented cast of film veterans. A prominent part of the dialogues is documented in our Oral History Series and other thematic publications, providing readers access to the essential first hand-information on Hong Kong cinema.

As for our thematic titles, they range widely—from topics on film professionals, film companies, dialect films to film genres, among others. Programme catalogues are also published in line with our current exhibitions and screening programmes. The Archive's quarterly Newsletter, on the other hand, reports on our latest developments and features influential essays on film culture, thereby facilitating appreciation and further research.

Throughout the years, the Archive has revived the past glory of many classic cinematic gems by restoration projects. To allow the public to gain in-depth knowledge about these films and our restoration efforts, we have been releasing Restored Treasures DVDs and Blu-ray discs which feature interviews with film cast and crew, researchers as well as restoration experts. Released titles as of today include Confucius (1940), Colourful Youth (1966) and The Secret (1979).

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  The Chaozhou-dialect Films of Hong Kong

Always in the Dark: A Study of Hong Kong Gangster Films Always in the Dark: A Study of Hong Kong Gangster Films

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