Organisational Structure

Collecting and preserving Hong Kong films

The Archive started operation in 1993, when its Planning Office was established by the then Urban Council. Besides conducting campaigns to secure and preserve films and related materials, it also launched a series of publications and presented film programmes and exhibitions. These tasks were undertaken by various sections of the Archive, namely Acquisition Unit, Conservation Unit, Cataloguing Unit, Research & Editorial Unit, Programming Unit, Systems Unit, and Administration and Venue Unit.

Upon the dissolution of the Urban Council, the Archive became a part of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in 2000.

Equipped with latest technology

The Archive building, opened in January 2001, houses in it a cinema, an exhibition hall and a resource centre, all equipped with the latest technology to restore glamour to the films of yesteryear.

Thanks to the support of filmmakers, film companies and movie lovers, the Archive has been able to put together a vast collection of treasures. It is our mission to open the Archive's collection to the public and to facilitate researchers and filmmakers in using the materials we have accumulated, so that the heritage of Hong Kong cinema can be shared.

International Scope

The Archive joined the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) in 1996. Through FIAF activities, we are able to exchange experiences with archivists from around the world and keep abreast of the latest development and technology in the field of film archiving.

Hong Kong Film Archive Layout

Archive layout B Public Facilities - Car Park G/F Public Facilities - Exhibition Hall Public Facilities - Box Office 1/F Public Facilities - Cinema Film Vault 2/F Public Facilities - Cinema Film Vault 3/F Public Facilities - Resource Centre Cataloguing Office Film Vault 4/F Office Film Lab Storage Vault for Film-related Material 5/F Roof Office