Thank you for your interest in donating films and film-related materials to the Archive. Each year, tens of thousands of items are added to our collection through the generous support of film enthusiasts and organisations. Our donors all play an important part in contributing to the preservation of Hong Kong's film heritage.

Collection Scope

The Archive collects a wide range of materials that illuminate the development of local film culture. We also collect materials that facilitate researches on local cinema history, as well as independent films and artefacts illustrative of the development of local film industry. Most of our donations come in mixed categories including film elements, prints and trailers; audiovisual materials in different formats; documents and graphics that come about in both pre- and post-production such as production files, agreements and financial records, correspondence, scripts, house programmes, posters, stills, photographs, press books, interviews, previews and reviews, manuscripts and personal papers; props, costumes and other artefacts. We welcome you to join us in preserving the rich film culture of Hong Kong by donating your cherished memorabilia. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Selection Criteria

(1) Historical value;
(2) Social/Cultural significance;
(3) Information/Research value;
(4) Educational value;
(5) Artistic merits;
(6) Entertainment value;
(7) Language;
(8) Technical achievement;
(9) Usage and accessibility;
(10) "Loss principle" (while the loss of a particular item would be regretted in the future).


Donation proposals will be assessed by the Programme Committee of the Archive. Please contact the Acquisition Unit in writing by fax or email. Our staff will contact you for details and make arrangements to transfer your materials to the Archive and follow up with other formalities if your collection is accepted.


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